FAQs on Mathematics

  1. “I’ve always been scared of math. Is that acceptable? Is that normal?”

Yes, actually, you’re not even the only one. There are a lot of people out there, across generations and cultures, that feel the same way you do. Math has always been one of students’ greatest fears. Math has always intimidated even the most ‘stable’ of human beings.

  1. “What are the common reasons why students don’t like math?”

Well, Math is hated for several reasons. But among the most common ones is the reason that Math is usually associated with memories and experiences which are not so pleasant, particularly the experience with a terror teacher. When Math is not seen for what it is but is instead associated with a horrible experience, then this is exactly what makes Math hated.

  1. “But what can I possible love about Math?”

You can actually love several things about math. First, you can learn to love the hunt. Math is about searching for what’s not yet there, and this act of searching can be pretty exciting. You can also learn to love the patterns, because life would be meaningless without predictability, and math is all about patterns which you can predict.

  1. “People talk about Math Anxiety a lot. How do I know if I have it?”

Math Anxiety is a very real thing actually. You know you have it through several possible symptoms. One of those symptoms is a felt lack of motivation to study or practice math. When you face math are you are immediate uninspired, or when you face math and you are immediately caught in a state of panic, then you’re probably experiencing math anxiety.

  1. “So I just discovered that I actually have math anxiety. How can I possibly address it?”

One of the best ways to begin to deal with math anxiety is to immerse yourself more and more with math. While this might sound a little weird, it actually works. The more you practice math, the more you make it part of your regular routine, the better your chances are at getting rid of the anxiety that comes with it.

  1. “Does Math have practical applications?”

Does this even need to be asked? Math is used for quite a number of things. You can use it for everyday calculations, as well as for home improvement and for your fitness needs.